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Aloe Thraskii - 10 Seeds - Dune Aloe

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Aloe Thraskii - Dune Aloe

10 Seeds

Also known as the Dune Aloe, this fast-growing Aloe is native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa and the coast of Kwazulu-Natal.

Typically this aloe reaches up to 2m tall, but can reach heights of up to 4m tall, and around 1.5m in spread. Its leaves reach up to 160cm long and around 20cm wide, strongly curved back towards the trunk with deeply recurved channels. The leaves are lightly covered with a natural powder, and the edges of leaves are lined with small spines.

Yellow-orange flowers are produced on upright branching stalks, around 80cm tall. Stalks may have up to 8 branches, though less inflorescences are more likely in younger plants. Inflorescences are around 80cm tall and cylindrical.

Blooms appear during winter months.

Flowers are highly attractive to bees and birds!

Enjoys full sun and a very well draining soil, ideally a sand based mix.

Half hardy down to -4°C. Aloe Thraskii can tolerate short periods of light frost, but the flowers will not.