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Aloe Rauhii - 10 Seeds - Madagascar Succulent

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Aloe Rauhii

10 Seeds

Endemic to Madagascar, this mottle-leaved aloe is known as the Snowflake Aloe and particularly striking.

Reaching up to 15cm in height and around 20cm in spread, the green leaves grow in a rosette. Leaves are lance-shaped, around 10cm long each, and characteristically mottled with white spots, giving them the appearance of snowflakes. In full sunlight, the leaves may develop into a purple-orange colour.

The flowers appear on slim branches up to 30cm long and bear racemes of tubular flowers ranging from orange to scarlet, around 5mm long each. May bloom throughout the year, but more frequently during the winter.

Enjoys full sun and a well draining, light soil mixture. Watering can be reduced drastically during the winter months.

Frost tender and should be kept above 10°C at all times. Can withstand temperatures below 5°C for a very short period of time, but only if the soil is kept dry.