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Alluaudia Procera - 10 Seeds - Madagascar Ocotillo from the Spiny Desert

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Alluaudia Procera - Madagascar ocotillo

10 Seeds

Alluaudia Procera is an amazing succulent plant native to Madagascar, particularly the southern spiny desert areas.

It starts growing as a single stemmed plant, later producing multiple stems, and eventually forming a strong main stem, after which the lower stems die back and branches again higher up on the trunk.

The smooth grey stems are covered in columns of spines up the trunk, growing small pairs of leaves between the spines. Leaves will die back and drop in extended dry dormant periods, but grow again quickly when the rains come for its growing season. Although it lacks the water storage tissues of true succulents, it can be found growing in areas that may not receive rain for over a year.

Clusters of yellow white flowers are produced at the end of the stems on mature plants.

Can grow up to 15 meters tall in its natural habitat, but typically 2 to 3 meters in cultivation.

Frost tender, minimum 5°C, preferably above 10°C to be safe.