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Aichryson Bethencourtianum - 25 Seeds - Canary Island Succulent

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Aichryson Bethencourtianum - Canary Island Succulent

25 Seeds
Note - Seeds very small

Native to the Canary Islands, these subtropical plants are related to Sempervivum and Aeoniums, as evident by their similarly shaped flowers.

They grow in the wild as understory perennial plants and as such prefer to grow in shaded, moist areas. Aichryson can reach up to 20cm tall with an indeterminate spread, with hairy leaves that can grow to 2cm long. Flowers are star shaped and yellow, growing either singularly or in clusters.

Preferring cool, shaded areas, they enjoy moist soil until winter, when they need to be kept dry and free from frost.

Minimum temperature of 0°C.