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Agave Ovatifolia - 10 Seeds - Whale’s Tongue Agave

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Agave Ovatifolia - Whale’s Tongue Agave

10 Seeds

Also known as the Whale’s Tongue Agave, this perennial succulent is native to northeastern Mexico and found on isolated mountain tops, and so named for its wide, tongue-like leaves.

Can reach a height and width of up to 1.2m.

Leaves can reach up to 55cm long and 28cm wide, are silvery blue, and have jagged teeth along their sides. Each life ends with a long dark grey spine up to 2.5cm long, and sharp!

Use caution when handling this plant.

Flowers are a pale yellow-green, reaching up to 4.5m tall with several side branches. This agave will only flower once before dying, after many years.

Enjoys a well drained soil and kept watered frequently; will remain small if not watered well. Prefers full sun.

Drought tolerant, and hardy down to -15°C if kept dry.