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Aeonium Mixed Species - 100 Seeds Mixture - Canary Island Succulent

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Aeonium Mixed Species

approx 100 Seeds
Note - Seeds very small

Native to the Canary Islands and East and North Africa, Aeoniums are a succulent species with truly interesting leaves.

All Aeonium leaves form a dense spreading rosette, which produces a singular inflorescence, usually from the centre of the rosette. Thick, rounded leaves can be any number of attractive colours which range from bright green to almost black.

Some varieties are low growing and have rosettes no larger than an inch across, while others will branch up and out, reaching heights of up to 4ft tall with rosettes the size of plates!

Prefers to grow an warm conditions with damp soil. Some species are half hardy, and can withstand temperatures down to -4°C kept dry, though care should be given, some should be brought inside for the winter.