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Adenium Multiflorum - 5 Seeds - Pachycaul South African Tree

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Adenium Multiflorum - Pachycaul South African Tree

5 Seeds

Native to central and eastern South Africa, this tree’s latex has historically been used as an arrow poison and a fish stunning poison. A deciduous pachycaul tree, it can grow up to 3m tall, resembling a miniature baobab tree.

Please note all parts of this tree are poisonous if eaten. Avoid direct contact with the sap.

Flowers in winter with beautiful white, pink and red bicoloured flowers. Throughout the rest of the year the tree will have neither flowers nor leaves. Sheds its leaves before flowering. Flowers can be up to 70mm in diameter.

Grows best in warm situations with sandy soil. Protect against frost and do not water when they are dormant. Cannot endure freezing temperatures and grows best at 10°C and above.