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10 Pellets - Jiffy-7® 24mm x43 mm Germinating Horticultural Peat Pellet

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Jiffy-7® 24mm x 43 mm Germinating Horticultural Peat Pellet

10 Pellets

Expanded Size: 24mm x 43xmm
Compressed size: 24mm x 8mm

Based on the ‘open wall container and media in one’ principle, these Jiffy-7® pellets are versatile and available in many different sizes, tray configurations and media choices.

The Jiffy-7 has a long proven track record in the horticultural industry and started out as a ‘one size fits all’ 40x 40mm peat pellet for seed and cutting propagation and is now available in a large range of sizes and configurations, used for a wide variety of crops. The Jiffy-7 pellet system is a clean and cost effective system, well suited for use with almost any crop in combination with any existing automation system.

Jiffy pellets are made using RHP certified material, providing for a superior aerated rooting media. Jiffy’s quality control guarantees that the physical and chemical properties of the coco substrate are just right to provide for an optimal rooting environment.